Taylor Swift Albums, Ranked (Updated)

I’ve recently created a post about the Taylor Swift albums, but Fearless (Taylor’s Version) has changed my opinions slightly. I’ve also done some in-depth listening to her older albums, and have decided to re-rank them! Enjoy!

#9. ‘Taylor Swift’ – 2008 (Best Song: ‘Should’ve Said No’)

8. ‘Red’ – 2012 (Best Song: ‘All Too Well’)

#7. ‘Speak Now’ – 2010 (Best Song: ‘Long Live’)

#6. ‘reputation’ – 2017 (Best Song: ‘Getaway Car’)

#5. ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ – 2021 (Originally created 2008) (Best Song: ‘Love Story’)

#4. ‘Lover’ – 2019 (Best Song: ‘Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince’)

#3. ‘1989’ – 2014 (Best Song: ‘Out Of The Woods’)

#2. ‘evermore’ – 2020 (Best Song: ‘happiness’)

1. ‘folklore’ – 2020 (Best Song: ‘betty’)

evermore: song rankings 🍂

After Taylor Swift released my favorite album of 2020, folklore, she surprise released its sister album, evermore. So, here are my song rankings for evermore. Enjoy!

17. ‘tis the damn season

16. long story short

15. closure

14. right where you left me – bonus track

13. no body, no crime (feat. HAIM)

12. it’s time to go – bonus track

11. gold rush

10. dorothea

9. coney island (feat. The National)

8. champagne problems

7. ivy

6. tolerate it

5. cowboy like me

4. marjorie

3. evermore (feat. Bon Iver)

2. willow

1. happiness

folklore: song rankings

Taylor Swift’s folklore is my all time favorite album, so I’ve decided to rank all the songs from folklore from least favorite to favorite. Enjoy!

17. mad woman

16. illicit affairs

15. invisible string

14. the lakes – bonus track

13. mirrorball

12. peace

11. hoax

10. the 1

9. seven

8. the last great american dynasty

7. cardigan

6. my tears ricochet

5. august

4. this is me trying

3. epiphany

2. exile (feat. Bon Iver)

1. betty

my favorite albums of 2019

in 2019, three of my favorite artists came out with an album. so, here are my top three favorites from 2019, ranked. enjoy!

#3. “Lover” – Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists, but I love the Lover album for many reasons. She was able to earn back her ‘reputation’ after a dark album.

#2. “I Am Easy to Find” – The National. This definitely isn’t my favorite album from The National, but I still love the falsetto/soprano mix.

#1. “i,i” – Bon Iver. This is by far the best album of 2019. I actually think that this is one of my favorite albums of all time. Bon Iver perfectly incorporated all the traditional sounds, while experimenting new things.

my favorite albums of 2020

after the grammys, i’ve decided to release my top three favorite albums from 2020. enjoy!

#3. “evermore” – Taylor Swift. This album has really grown on me over the past few months. Many people thought that “evermore” watered-down “folklore”, but I actually thought it covers the styles of music that “folklore” couldn’t.

#2. “Lady Like” – Ingrid Andress. Ingrid Andress is one of my favorite new artists I’ve found in 2020. “Lady Like” is a great album!

#1. “folklore” – Taylor Swift. Shocker!!! Album of the year… great artist… Bon Iver…

album of the year awards

each year, there are hundreds of albums released. however, each year, one album rises above all the rest and is recognized as the best album from that year. so, here are my album of the year awards, from 2011 – 2020. enjoy!

2011: “Bon Iver” – Bon Iver

2012: “Red” – Taylor Swift

2013: “Modern Vampires of the City” – Vampire Weekend

2014: “1989” – Taylor Swift

2015: “25” – Adele

2016: “22, A Million” – Bon Iver

2017: “Sleep Well Beast” – The National

2018: “Camila” – Camila Cabello

2019: “i,i” – Bon Iver

2020: “folklore” – Taylor Swift

bon iver albums, ranked

i’m a huge fan of bon iver. i love the acoustic, airy sounds that the band has made, and have enjoyed all four of their albums. so, here all of four of bon iver’s albums, ranked. enjoy!

#4. “For Emma, Forever Ago” – this album is mostly acoustic, being played with pianos and guitars for the entirety of this album. compared to the other three bon iver albums, this one just doesn’t sound as good. best song – “Skinny Love”

#3. “22, A Million” – this is the third bon iver album. it focuses on electric and layered sounds, while still keeping true to some of bon iver’s origins. this album also has some of the better instrumental layering i’ve ever heard. best song – “33 “GOD””

#2. “Bon Iver” – this song expanded what began on “For Emma, Forever Ago”. the songs are slightly happier than the first album, but still have a peaceful melody and rhythm to them. best song – “Holocene”

#1. “i,i” – this is my favorite album for many reasons. bon iver put the perfect amount of vocals and instrumentals in the album. i,i also has my favorite song, “Hey, Ma” on it. best song – “Hey, Ma”

here’s the full list:

4. “For Emma, Forever Ago”

3. “22, A Million”

2. “Bon Iver”

1. “i,i”

taylor swift albums, ranked

taylor swift is one of my favorite artists, and has recently produced two albums, “folklore” and “evermore”. she has released nine albums total and her re-recorded version of “Fearless” will be released on april 9th, 2021. so, here are all of her albums, ranked.

#9. “Taylor Swift” – this album, being her debut album, obviously isn’t the greatest. this album still sold millions of copies and gave swift the boost she needed to start a music career. best song: “Teardrops On My Guitar – Pop Version”

#8. “Red” – this album is hard to judge because most of the songs are sadder. however, the thing that stands out most from this album is the lyrics. swift explored new songwriting styles and they obviously paid off. best song – “All Too Well”

#7. “Speak Now” – this album is hard to put so low in the rankings. there are many reasons why fans consider this to be her best album, but this album just couldn’t get any higher up on my list. best song – “Back To December”

#6. “Fearless” – this is another one that just couldn’t get any higher on the list. i love “Fearless” for many reasons, but the main reason is because this has some of the best songs swift has ever made on it. best song – “You Belong With Me”

#5. “reputation” – unlike most people, i love this album. this album shows who she is and what she was feeling after all of the drama she went through after 2014. while the songwriting isn’t some of her best, this album shows taylor’s vulnerable side. best song – “Call It What You Want”

#4. “1989” – this was taylor swift’s first pop album. she created four country albums and then made a drastic change to pop during “1989”. while this is one of the greatest pop albums of all time, i think that a few of the songs on here are a little repetitive, but it is still a great album. best song – “Out Of The Woods”

#3. “Lover” – this is my favorite pop album of taylor’s. while many think that “Lover” is a somewhat mediocre album, i think that she perfectly bounced back from the dark days of “reputation”. best song – “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince”

#2. “evermore” – this is the the sister album of “folklore”. after surprise releasing “folklore” in july of 2020, swift released her eighth studio album, “evermore” in november of 2020. “evermore” went deeper into the sounds of “folklore”, while exploring newer versions of indie-pop. best song – “evermore (feat. Bon Iver)”

#1. “folklore” – this is the best album taylor swift has released by far. for one, this album has some of the greatest songwriting ever. and, it has another one of my favorite artists, bon iver. swift wrote this album during the covid-19 pandemic, soon after her “Lover” world tour was cancelled. best song – “betty” (however, i love almost every song on this album equally.)

so, here’s the full list:

9. “Taylor Swift”

8. “Red”

7. “Speak Now”

6. “Fearless”

5. “reputation”

4. “1989”

3. “Lover”

2. “evermore”

1. “folkore”

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